Product Review: Onion Crunch

Disclosure: I received a sample of Onion Crunch from the manufacturer to review.

atovegan_onion-crunchAnyone who knows me well enough, knows that cooked onions and I haven’t had a very good relationship for, oh say, my entire life. I actually like the flavor of onions in food, I just don’t like finding large chunks of slimy, cooked onions in whatever dish I’m eating. If they’re not in small pieces, you’ll find a ring of them going around the perimeter of my plate. And don’t even get me started with onion rings. That crispy crunchy outer shell will lure me in until I take that first bite and encounter IT (the slimy onion) there, just under the surface, waiting to finish me off. Yes, it’s The Ring, a true horror story πŸ˜‰

But fret not, now I can have my onion and eat it. The crunchy onion bits of, the so appropriately named, Onion Crunch have come to my rescue. They’re even made with real onions and have only 5 ingredients β€”and you can actually read them. Loeb’s, the manufacturer, was swell enough to make it certified vegan! Did I ever mention how excited I get when see something labeled vegan? Of course I have, but still, I’m excited.The one thing I wasn’t too excited about was that it contains palm oil (hello, Loeb’s, please change this to something more Earth- and animal-friendly).

Sprinkle them on anything and everything and enjoy all the glorious crunchiness and flavor of onion rings without the horror, at least for me.


Chris made this yummy burger and the bun from scratch. I sprinkled some Onion Crunch on it for some extra jazz.

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