Product Review: Biscoff Spread

Have you ever been on a flight and seen those white packages of cookies the stewardesses/stewards give to passengers when they’re taking drink orders? Well, those are Biscoff cookies. Did you know they’re vegan? I don’t know if they’re vegan by accident or by design, but they are.

Did you also know there’s a spreadable version of said cookie? Yes, yes, cookies you can spread on bread, crackers and other cookies, and dip your favorite snacks into! It’s total madness.

Mauro’s client at Windmill Day School and Summer Camp was organizing a charity 5k and got some Biscoff Spread samples to give out. Since they are vegan, she gave some of the leftovers to her favorite vegan.

According to the label, it’s made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, no artificial color or preservatives, zero grams trans fat per serving and zero cholesterol, doesn’t contain nuts and it’s vegan (yes, the word is right there on the label).

So is it any good, you ask? The spread looks like and has the same consistency as peanut butter, it’s silky smooth (like, really silky) and tastes a bit like graham crackers but sweeter. Beware: it’s easy to get carried away with this stuff. Mauro’s not a huge fan of peanut butter, so this is a great option for him when he wants a tasty snack. It’s also a good alternative for people with nut allergies.

One thing we were not too keen about is that it contains palm oil. Other than that, we really liked it.

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