Product Review: Apinya Thai Sauce

There are so many hot sauces on the market, and at the market for that matter, nowadays it’ll make your head spin. The varieties are endless, from mild and yummy sauces you just want to put on everything to the super-duper-ultra-blow-your-lid-off ghost habañero sauces. If you like spicy foods, chances are you already have your favorite(s). Mauro and I have a small sampling of our favorites, on the ready, in our fridge at all times.

We’ve built up a good tolerance to spicy foods over the years, but we don’t like foods that are hot just for the sake of being hot and making you sweat, if that makes sense. We like good spicy foods and sauces that have flavor to them. That’s what we really liked about this Apinya Thai Chili Sauce. It’s HOT and it also has a nice flavor blend from the chilies, peppers, garlic and lots of ginger. I’m no hot sauce expert, and I certainly haven’t tried even a fraction of what’s out there, but I liked that this sauce was different—not just heat. I also like that the label says: Fresh, Natural Ingredients; Gluten & Fat Free; Low Sodium; Vegan; No Fake Colors or Flavors. And, ok, I really like the funky label with the octopus, too 🙂

Apinya has two other sauce flavors and a bunch of cool stuff on their site—including this adorable funky octopus papercraft. An additionally bonus, the sauces are actually produced in Reading, PA. Only a couple of hours away from the From A to Vegan crew. I love supporting great, local products. I’m really diggin’ these guys/gals.

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