Pipernilli Cookies Review & Giveaway

So, we had the opportunity to try Pipernilli, “The Couture Cookie Company” cookies. We tried the Banana Chiffon, Cashmere Drops and Mocha Diva Rounds.

Here’s the description of each flavor from the website:

Banana Chiffon: Blending ripe Organic Bananas with vanilla and spices, our classic banana cookie is baked to soft golden perfection.

Cashmere Drops: A bite of this cookie will make you think of grandma’s special sweet potato pie during the holidays. Our signature Sweet potato cookie is unique treat and conversation starter at any dinner party.

Mocha Diva Rounds: Velvety Chocolate batter is enhanced by cranberries, vegan chocolate chips and dried banana chunks. Each bite is a true flavor explosion.

They were all so good with an elegant flavor, hence the company’s slogan. Not too bold, too sweet or too big either. They’re a little bigger than a bite size —my bite size at least, I’m a big girl and I have a big bite 😉 They’re about the size I make cookies, so I guess there’s a link to the fondness I have to them. And they just look like they were hand made with care. They had a nice texture to them as well, not crunchy or chewy but just in between.

The flavor that stood out the most for us was definitely the Banana Chiffon. We love desserts that taste like real bananas, not the fake overpowering taste. The other two flavors were a tie. That’s saying a lot if something  ties with a chocolate cookie. If I hadn’t known the Cashmere Drops were made with sweet potatoes, I wouldn’t have guessed. I actually dislike most sweet potato desserts or any dish that adds maple syrup to them, but I really liked this cookie and wouldn’t complain if someone sent me a whole box of them 😉

If I wanted to give someone a nice, quality food gift, I’d definitely buy them these cookies. On that note, we’re giving away a sampler to one of our lucky readers, see details below.

Pipernilli Cookie Giveaway

We’re giving away Pipernilli cookies to one lucky reader. To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below telling us why you’d like to try them. US residents only, please.

I’ll randomly select one of the comments on Thursday, October 10th, 2013 at 8:00 pm EDT.

Happy commenting and good luck!

Update: I’m traveling and wasn’t able to do the drawing last night. I will post it on Sunday Tuesday, when I have access to a computer (doing this via the mobile app is clunky). Thanks for your patience!

And the winner of the Pipernilli’s sample is…

Comment number 12 — Ellery. Congrats!

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