Review – Organic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal by Vigilant Eats

Organic, non-GMO, certified gluten-free, certified vegan, kosher and low glycemic. Vigilant Eats* isn’t messing around. They’ve got it covered so you can have a healthy meal on the go.

There are four flavors of their Organic Superfood Oat-based Cereal: Goji Cacao, Coconut Maple Vanilla, Maca Double Chocolate, and Espresso Maca Mulberry. We received a couples of samples of the Goji Cacao (the orange container) from Vigilant Eats to review. Mauro and I both liked it a lot.

What we liked about it

    1. It’s a pretty straightforward cereal to prepare. Peel back the foil lid, pull out the plastic spoon, unfold it to full length, add cold water or milk (yes, COLD water or milk, we did one of each, both were good) to cereal, mix and wait a couple of minutes and, voilá, you’ve got oatmeal.
    2. You don’t need hot water to get that thick oatmeal texture.
    3. It wasn’t too sweet. We hardly use sweeteners in anything at home except for when I’m baking. A small bag of sugar lasts forever in our house. When I make oatmeal I add just enough to give it a hint of sweetness. This cereal was perfect.
    4. It was a good-sized portion.
    5. The goji berries add a bit of sweet and tart to it. The cacao nibs add a nice crunch.
    6. Superfood, fancy pants ingredients aside, it was tasty. We don’t like healthy food that tastes like cardboard. We like food that’s good for you AND tastes good. This cereal was both.

We give this cereal 2 thumbs up. I’m looking forward to trying the other three flavors, they sound delish.

Where to buy & discounts

Shop at Vigilant Eats’ online store* and use code fromatovegan to get 10% off your purchase and free shipping.


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