EZ Tofu Press Giveaway 2014

Two and a half  years ago we wrote our first review on the EZ Tofu Press, a simple and very affordable kitchen gadget that helps press excess water out of tofu. Last year Mauro wrote an updated post on how it was holding up and that it was still working well for us.

We’re happy to report that we’re still using it to press tofu. It still looks pretty much like it did when we got it, the bolts haven’t rusted, the boards are pretty much straight (just some minimal arching). As we mentioned before, it’s easy to clean and is low profile for storage. We really like this product.

If tofu is a staple in your recipes, or even if you use it occasionally, pressing the tofu makes it hold up better when cooking and gives it a nice, firmer texture. Consider buying your very own EZ Tofu Press, or gifting one, here. And for tofu recipe ideas check out EZ Tofu Press’ Pinterest boards.

Features and Benefits (supplied by EZ Tofu Press)
1) $19.99 cost (free shipping to Amazon Prime members)
2) EZ Tofu Press can press virtually all sizes of firm and extra firm tofu.
3) Pressing can be achieved in 15 minutes or less. Prep food and marinade while turning the knobs every 2 minutes over a 10-15 minute time frame
4) Presses substantially faster than spring based tofu presses.
5) Easy to clean- small, compact, dishwasher safe, and fewer parts to break.
6) Saves on paper or cloth towels!
7) EZ Tofu Press comes in a retail box, with instructions and handy measuring tool.

But wait! There’s more!


Giveaway Winner Update

Congrats to Lazerath Y. for winning an EZ Tofu Press!

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