Ellovi Body Butter Review

This winter was brutal here in PA. It was cold, it was dry, it got colder and it got drier. My skin was drier than it’s ever been, for a little while at least. The lovelies at Ellovi were kind enough to send me a sample of their amazing body butter to try out. This gem of a butter saved my skin from chapping, cracking and flaking this winter.

Ellovi body butter is made with 6 ingredients—macadamia nut, coconut, marula nut, hemp seed, shea and non GMO cornstarch—, has no fragrance (just the natural smell of the nut oils), it’s thick and hardens like coconut oil at lower temperatures, but spreads nicely over warm skin and works in quickly, so my skin didn’t feel greasy. A little bit of it goes a long way. I’m surprised that I only used half of the jar so far, since I was using it on my hands, legs and feet almost everyday, if not twice a day.

Key Benefits (taken form Ellovi’s website):

  • No fragrance. Butter’s light nutty aroma is actually the raw ingredients.
  • Butter deeply hydrates skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from ever forming.
  • Non-comedogenic and works great as a facial moisturizer, makeup remover, and sunscreen.
  • Great for sensitive skin. Helps improve the appearance of cuts, burns, scars, and ezecma.

I don’t know if it’ll be too much for my skin in the coming warmer months, but I’m sure going to try it out to see how my skin will fair.

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