Cosmetics Review: Lime Crime Make-up

A couple of months ago a friend of mine sent me a link to a new trendy line of make-up, Lime Crime.  At the time they weren’t out on all the main fashion magazines and their website didn’t list whether any of their products were vegan. They only had the statement that “Lime Crime products are never tested on animals, and are PETA-certified cruelty-free”. So I set out to investigate.

I contacted their PR department and after a few email exchanges found out that all of their eyeshadows are vegan but only a few of the lipsticks were. The good news is that they also told me that all of their lipsticks will be vegan in the near future! They also did us a huge favor, they updated their website and labeled the vegan items.

They were also gracious enough to send me a lipstick and eyeshadow of my choice to write a review.

So what did I think?

I absolutely love everything about them, even how they neatly packaged everything in the cute polka dot shipping carton. I love how sassy and girly the packaging is —especially the lipstick, it looks like a pocket rocket in disguise (but what do I know about that)— and funky colors of the make-up itself. After all, we’re vegan but we’re girly girls, we love frou-frou and love being pampered!

I got the lipstick in Coquette, opaque nude color, and I was not disappointed. It applies smoothly and evenly to create beautifully pale lips with a slight blush hue, for a sexy, healthy pale look.

Lipstick in Coquette

I also chose the eyeshadow in Troubadour, which went well with other vegan eye pencils I already had (featured in the photo below). The powder shadow has excellent coverage and packs a punch in the vibrancy department. As with all powder shadows, using some sort of eyeshadow base will help keep your color fresh longer. Unfortunately Lime Crime’s eyeshadow helper isn’t vegan (as of this post), but hopefully will soon be.

Eyeshadow applied

Thanks Lime Crime!


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