Product Review: Farm to Market Pickles

You may think a pickle is a pickle, is a pickle, but read the ingredients list on any pickle jar at the supermarket and you’ll be in for a surprise: high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring and the list goes on. What a pickle! Sure they’re easy to make at home, but sometimes I don’t want to make everything from scratch. I want to be able to buy prepared foods that are minimally processed. That’s what I really liked about Farm to Market Pickles, the ingredients list is short and reasonable*, they look like homemade pickles and taste fresh, too. The best part about them is that they come in innovative flavors like Bloody Mary, Chipotle Lime, Garlic Baby Dills, Sea Salt and Peppercorn and Garden Fresh (which we didn’t try).

Our favorite was definitely the Chipotle Lime. They’re tangy, spicy (they delivered) and oh so delicious. I even came up with some hard-to-resist, easy-to-make, fancy-pants appetizers for them and I couldn’t stop eating them—see my Miso Mayo post for “recipe”.

The Sea Salt and the Garlic Baby Dills were delicious, too. We ate them on, or with, sandwiches as with any other pickle. I didn’t get too crazy with them. Now, the Bloody Mary ones were a bit of a challenge for me. I wanted so much to love them because their flavor was delish, but they were way too too spicy for us. If you like uber spicy stuff, this is for you. I didn’t try putting them in a sandwich, which, in hind sight, would’ve probably been the best use for us. I’ll probably have to buy a jar and try it out that way. Instead, I tried them straight up —as I do with any new food/ingredient I’m trying for the first time to see what it’s like and what I think it’ll work with— and I tried veganizing a pasta sauce recipe from their site. Mauro and I sweat our way through dinner and decided that flavor wasn’t for us.

Best of all, for the design geek that I am (I am a graphic designer after all), I love the packaging —well, maybe not best of all, the pickles are pretty good. I’m just a sucker for the cute details on the lids. The wide mouth jars are also great for storing food stuffs I dehydrate for the winter, so they’re definitely keepers. Recycle. Repurpose. Reuse, people!

All in all, we loved these pickles and would definitely buy them at the store.

*One of the ingredients is polysorbate 80 which is plant-derived. The company’s purchasing manager is vegetarian and is knowledgeable of the ingredient sources. Super two thumbs up to her and the company!

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