Product Review: Apinya Thai Sauce

There are so many hot sauces on the market, and at the market for that matter, nowadays it’ll make your head spin. The varieties are endless, from mild and yummy sauces you just want to put on everything to the super-duper-ultra-blow-your-lid-off ghost habañero sauces. If you like spicy foods, chances are you already have your […]

Pipernilli Cookies Review & Giveaway

So, we had the opportunity to try Pipernilli, “The Couture Cookie Company” cookies. We tried the Banana Chiffon, Cashmere Drops and Mocha Diva Rounds. Here’s the description of each flavor from the website: Banana Chiffon: Blending ripe Organic Bananas with vanilla and spices, our classic banana cookie is baked to soft golden perfection. Cashmere Drops: A bite of this […]

Review – Organic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal by Vigilant Eats

Organic, non-GMO, certified gluten-free, certified vegan, kosher and low glycemic. Vigilant Eats* isn’t messing around. They’ve got it covered so you can have a healthy meal on the go. There are four flavors of their Organic Superfood Oat-based Cereal: Goji Cacao, Coconut Maple Vanilla, Maca Double Chocolate, and Espresso Maca Mulberry. We received a couples of […]

OMG! Organic Meets Good Powders

Have you heard of OMG! antioxidant and vitamin powders? I just heard about them a few weeks ago and their Indiegogo campaign to help launch their new quinoa protein powder. Unfortunately, they didn’t meet their goal, but I certainly hope they will still be able to launch it. I’ve tried a few performance protein powders in my vegan lifetime […]

Nayonaise & Nayowhipped Review & Giveaway

If you’re a big fan of Nayonaise, you may have already noticed Nasoya’s recipe changed a bit earlier this year. They also changed the label design on the jar and added another item to the product line, Nayowhipped. The packaging says Nayonaise is now creamier. The texture is definitely different. The jar I got seemed more whipped, […]

Julie’s Original Gluten-Free Cake Mix

Brownie mix with Raspberries and chocolate chips White cake mis as a cofffee cafe Julie’s Original mixes Julie Hasson is one of my favorite vegan celebrities. Her cooking videos captivated me back when I was still a vegetarian. Her adorable, bubbly personality, effortlessly making vegan pancakes and Italian sausages won me over. I was fascinated that I could […]

Green Pea Cookie Review

Green peas are all the rage nowadays, from protein powder for your post-workout shake to vegan chicken strips and cookies. Cookies? Yes, cookies. The lovely folks at Green Pea Cookie got their inspiration from a trip to Singapore (see story below). These delectable green goodies are a popular snack there, so they decided to bring them to […]