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News Today stories feature Dr. Esselstyn and Bill Clinton in “The Last Heart Attack”, milk movie, Animals Feel, Vegan Recipes, Meatless Monday, Third World America, Ric O’Barry, Hurricane Pesto Salad, Emily Deschanel, Bear Bile Farming, Fake Pesticides, Chayote Ceviche Recipe, GMOs, Food Handling Safety, Microbes at Home, Faux Gras-Filled Doughnut, Bike Tubes, Bamboo and Lace Gone Gorgeous, veggie eaters, Edible Education, Raw. Vegan. Not Gross, produce in conference room, and Stone-Fruit Salad With Sugared Berries.

Bill Clinton and Dr. Esselstyn Featured in CNN Special

CNN aired an hour long special all about heart disease last night. In “The Last Heart Attack” Sanjay Gupta interviews Bill Clinton and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn among others. Former president Bill Clinton now follows a whole-foods plant-based diet, essentially a healthy vegan diet, the kind prescribed by Dr. Esselstyn.

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Got the facts on Milk? The Milk Documentary

Got the facts on Milk? (also known as “The Milk Documentary” is an entertaining, award winning feature documentary that dares to question the conventional wisdom of the much publicized health benefits of milk and dairy products. Addressing myth, truth and all in-between, the film is a humorous yet shocking exposition that provokes serious thought about this everyday staple.

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Who Cares if Animals Feel?

I hate the word anthropomorphize. Hate. In case you aren’t familiar, to anthropomorphize means to ascribe human characteristics to those who are not human. It is mainly used to describe how we supposedly project our feelings or emotions onto animals and thereby get the wrong impression of what’s really going on in their heads — which some would want us to believe is absolutely nothing.

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This Is How We Do It: 11 Amazing Vegan Recipes

When my wife and I started One Green Planet, we were certain that no platform focused on spreading good ideas that benefit people, animals and the planet would be complete without showcasing the most delicious instrument of change… vegan food! So, we tapped into some of the best vegan chefs, cookbook authors, food bloggers and enthusiasts with amazing culinary talents to create original recipes for One Green Planet.

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Meatless Monday: Natural Disaster, Natural Comfort Food

With the double whammy of an earthquake and Hurricane Irene bearing down, last week was a white-knuckler out here on the East Coast and we’ve all been in need of comfort.

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Third World America: One Year Later

A year ago, I wrote a post announcing the publication of my book Third World America. As I explained at the time, and in the book, America was clearly not a third world country, but there were many troubling trends taking us in that direction. I wanted the book to serve as “a warning, a way of saying that if we don’t change course — and quickly — that could very well be our future.”

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Ric O’Barry, ‘Cove’ Star, Urges Dolphin-Watching, Not Killing

The star of the Oscar-winning movie about dolphin-killing in Japan had only praise for a small island off the eastern coast that thrives on snorkeling with dolphins, and he urged the rest of the country to follow that example.

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Hurricane Pesto Salad: No Electricity Required

Hurricane Irene is coming, and many of us on the east coast may find ourselves without power and tired of eating crackers, chips and other no-cook items. With a couple fresh ingredients you can create a great fresh pesto salad, electricity be damned. I’m listing substitutions as well, remember, stay safe indoors… no trips to the store for this recipe. You may want to write this one down with good old paper and pen in case your power goes out, like mine probably will.

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Emily Deschanel Supports Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary has named vegan actress Emily Deschanel the national spokesperson for its fundraising series Walk for Farm Animals.

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Bear Bile Farming Isn’t Just Cruel, It’s “Unnecessary”

In pursuit of convenient animal-based products, like meat and leather, profiteers and consumers have turned a blind eye to some incredibly inhumane treatment of countless other species — but too often, unimaginable cruelty is inflicted for no real gain at all. Throughout parts of China, some 10,000 endangered Asiatic black bears are currently housed in tiny, restrictive metal cages where they are systematically ‘milked’ of bile, a digestive fluid produced in the gallbladder which is believed to have medicinal qualities in some Asian traditions. But after a recent conference on bile farms, experts have confirmed what so many animal rights groups had long suspected: the bear bile industry isn’t just cruel, it’s unnecessary, too.

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As if Pesticides Were Not Bad Enough…Fake Pesticides Raise Health Fears

Pesticides are a two-edged sword. We take the risks of toxicological and ecological side effects because the first priority is to feed a growing population of humans. Those that cannot afford organic must trust the laws and regulations to protect them. And all of us depend on those laws to prevent threats to the sustainability of ecosystems upon which we rely. But a report this week reveals that those laws are powerless in the face of a new threat: fake, or counterfeit, pesticides.

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Chayote Ceviche Recipe

Last winter, my girlfriend and I went to the Dominican Republic for some sun and relaxation. It rained the minute we landed and continued to do so for five days. We made reservations for Cabo, flew home, and the next day found ourselves in Baja with much needed mojitos and lots of sun. The trip wasn’t a total loss; we ate! Some upscale places, some dives. What they all had in common was chayote. Served cooked most of the time, I decided to check this vegetable out. This is one of the recipes I came up with – it’s very simple and you can increase or decrease the amounts easily.

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GMOs Won’t Save the World: Sorry NY Times

But local, sustainable agriculture will. Here’s a piece from Anna Lappe on taking on a NY Times editorial piece from a GMO drum-beater. They’ve had fifteen years to prove their point. Time’s up – ding, ding ding!

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Kitchen Confusion: Food Workers Score Poorly on Safe Handling Test

Diners beware: some restaurant workers may not have a full grasp of what it takes to keep food safe from contamination.

That’s according to a recent study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, which posed a series of food safety questions to area food handlers and found that the average respondent was able to answer only 72 percent of them correctly – a rate that would earn them a C- on most school grading scales.

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Hidden Roommates: Uncovering Microbes at Home

Most people would not be hard-pressed to name what’s in their fridge. Milk, eggs, raw chicken and leftovers are likely candidates. But these visible items are just a fraction of what lives in this appliance, which is also home to many species of bacteria and other microorganisms.

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Milking an Audience

It seems like every day we hear about another new movie highlighting an issue of importance to animal advocates.

Making a movie is a huge undertaking, with detail upon detail to be dealt with. Like everything worth doing, it’s a whole lot harder than it looks. Which is why we are so very thrilled that so many animal advocates, whether they are experienced filmmakers, like the folks who made Bold Native, or out and out beginners, like Marisa Miller Wolfson of Vegucated fame, are putting in the enormous amount of work that it takes to produce a quality product.

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Exclusive: Bike Tubes, Bamboo and Lace Gone Gorgeous

There’s no reason to dread the arrival of brisk evenings and shorter days – this fall’s must have styles will make you all too happy to swap in your shorts for leggings… you may want to get a head start. And while leather and feathers sadly remain on some trendsetter lists, we’ve gone to our girlfriends at Ethical Ocean (your one-stop-shop for eco-fashions, cosmetics and accessories) for their favorite green, vegan, and chic fall offerings. Could this stuff be cuter?!

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Faux Gras-Filled Dunwell Doughnut

You better believe that an herbed Dunwell Doughnut filled with savory and satisfying Faux-Gras is the answer to your prayers. Tender, airy dough speckled with herbs, slightly sweet, fried to perfection, and injected with the Regal Vegan’s paté of caramelized onions, lentils, and walnuts – this pastry may have earned itself a spot in my last-meal fantasy smorgasbord.

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We need more markets—and veggie eaters

Earlier this week, I asked the question: How many farmers markets is too many? On a related note, this new study [PDF] looked at Americans’ fruit and vegetable consumption — one of the main variables driving farmers market sales.

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Alice Waters, “Edible Education”

This fall, chef and food activist Alice Waters rings in 40 years since opening Chez Panisse restaurant and relaunches the Edible Schoolyard Project, her groundbreaking food curriculum and school garden program. Here, she discusses the value of garden and kitchen experiences in transforming students’ relationship to food.

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Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

When San Francisco Department of Public Health shut down the city’s popular Underground Market in June, some artisan food sellers might have been forgiven for throwing in the towel. Not so Laura Miller.

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Pick up fresh produce in the conference room

This new kind of farm share was developed by the Common Market, a local produce wholesaler, in partnership with Farm to City, and yes, it is a trend.

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Stone-Fruit Salad With Sugared Berries

Fruit is Ms. Waters’s preferred way to end a meal, and at Chez Panisse it comes unadorned and neatly arranged in footed copper dishes. Ms. Waters thinks about presentation almost as much as she thinks about produce (which, she said, is “all the time—I mean all the time”). For this fruit salad, she prefers the earthy elegance of ceramic bowls. At the table, she nestles them in ice to chill the salad slightly.

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