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News Today includes stories about Vegan Ice Cream, plant feeling, animals & earthquakes, feral cats, Animal Friends & Foes, black rhinos, Grow-Your-Own Mushrooms, School Lunches, lunch break, Daiya, Raised Bed Gardens, Green Things, Chiles, and Alice Waters.

V For Veg: Water ice is great, but…

WATER ICE IS A cherished summer institution in Philly, and those of us who skip dairy, whether for ethical, health or other concerns, can appreciate this cool vegan treat. Sorbet, Popsicles, frozen fruit bars and the like are also delish.

But let’s face it: “You can always have water ice [or sorbet]” is the cool-treat equivalent of “you can always have a salad.” Nothing against salad or water ice, but we sometimes want that singular richness and flavor associated with ice cream. And finally, we’re getting it.

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But Plants Have Feelings, Too!

All vegans and vegetarians have heard it: “But what about the plants? What about their feelings? They feel pain, too. Don’t you feel bad for the carrots? You are killing them, you know.”

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Dumb news: animals reacting to earthquakes isn’t magic, it means they’re alive

Rage in the cage OMG!!!! Did you see what the animals did before and during the earthquake!! Stop it, please. Here’s a short version of this article: “When the earthquake hit the zoo, the animals were like WTF!!! Except the pandas. The pandas were real chill, man.”

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A Beautiful Cat Meets Real Life

In addition to the cat’s obviously horrific ear wounds, he was suffering from an aggressive and painful form of cancer that had reduced this formerly gorgeous cat to a weak, bedraggled skeleton. The veterinarian immediately put the suffering cat out of his misery, giving him more comfort in his final moments than he had likely known for much of his life.

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Kisses & Hisses to Animal Friends & Foes

We’re spitting mad at people who have been lashing out at animals, but we’ve saved up some wet, sloppy puppy-dog kisses for those whose compassion is the cat’s pajamas.

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In Namibia: The grand black rhinos of the red desert

As Buddhists, our compassion shouldn’t begin and end with human beings. For this reason, every issue of Tricycle features an “Animal Realm” column on our sentient, non-human friends. In the current issue, Rick Bass writes about the incredible black rhinos of the Namib Desert. At one point, he considers the relationship between interdependence and extinction.

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Get a Discount on a Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Garden Kit!

Our friends over at Back to the Roots have generously offered you, our dear readers, a 20 percent discount off their Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Garden kit.

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Angry Moms Declare War on School Lunches

A few years ago, Amy Kalafa and Susan Rubin were Two Angry Moms on a mission: to show America just how rotten school lunch food had gotten in our country.

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Office Desktop Dining Still Tops the Charts

Four years after an infamous University of Arizona study reported that our desks carry 400 times more dangerous bacteria than the average public toilet seat, guess where most of us are still eating?

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Is It Better To Take A Real Lunch Break Than To Eat At Your Desk?

In trying times, when solid job openings instantly get dozens of applicants, it seems wise, even necessary, for the employed to do everything they can to hold on to their jobs. For some, that means working weekends or skipping vacations. For others, it could entail proposing a new innovative strategy, or paying more attention to the task at hand. But before you decide to start skipping lunch breaks and become one of the millions of Americans who eat at their desks (or if you’re already among them), you should read Sue Shellenberger’s article today in the Wall Street Journal.

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A Field Guide to Obnoxious Eating

After going on a high-protein diet, Mr. Glen brought sardine and tuna sandwiches to his bank-consulting job and ate them at his desk. He knew the food was stinky, but he figured people would tell him if they had a problem, he says.

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sponsored post: behind the scenes – someone’s in the kitchen with Daiya

Two things that everyone on staff at Daiya Foods has in common – cooking and eating! Whatever time of day it is, there’s always someone in the kitchen whipping up creative and delicious recipes. Lucky for us, our supply of Daiya products is always fully stocked (what can we say? it pays to be connected).

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How to Build Hugelkultur Irrigation-Free Raised Bed Gardens

Some time ago I posted on hugelkultur raised bed gardening—an initially labor intensive method of growing that involves burying massive amounts of woody biomass underneath your growing bed, providing a long-term release of nutrients and a greatly increased water-storage capacity as the materials slowly rot down. (Advocates say that big-enough hugelkultur beds should never need watering.) At the time I was a little taken aback by images of diggers and large trenches—not what you typically associate with low impact permaculture methods. But I’ve since heard from many hardcore advocates of hugelkultur, and I’ve just found a couple of great videos about what it looks like in practice.

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National Zoo Animals Went Berserk Before Earthquake

It had been over a century since an earthquake last rattled the East Coast, so it’s no surprise that the millions of people who felt the shaking yesterday were caught off guard — but it turns out, as a species, humans may have been the only ones. According to staffers from the National Zoo in Washington D.C., in the minutes leading up to the seismic rumblings dozens of animals began acting strangely, clearly agitated, as if they could sense the quake before it struck.

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Green Things & Relationships You’ll Want For Coping With The Double-Dip Recession

Those survivalist blogs and preserved food distributors, fascinating and useful as they are, cater to a narrow total market: Michigan Militia types, Hyper-Libertarians, ammo hoarders, and so on. The preserved food distributors tend to run out of dried beans every time the price of gold ticks up. But it’s all good stuff to look at and think over as you consider how best to prepare for the coming ‘double dip.’

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Animal Group’s Surprise Gift

An Australian animal-welfare group receives a surprise donation of $20,000 after a local bank discovers a forgotten account.

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Guide to Chiles 101

Chiles are a great addition to any dish because they add spice, depth of flavor, and many health benefits. While jalapeños and cayenne are the more commonly used chiles in America, there are many others that can provide intricate flavors to dishes. We realize that classifying and learning about the different chiles can be overwhelming, so we broke it down into this basic guide to simplify the process for you.

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Alice Waters: Her Next Project, Her Favorite Restaurants And 40 Years of Chez Panisse

The great Alice Waters: the chef, author, mother, farmer, food justice ambassador and founder of Berkeley restaurant, Chez Panisse, who has changed the way the world thinks about food.

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ConAgra Sued Over GMO ‘100% Natural’ Cooking Oils

If you use Wesson brand cooking oils, you may be able to join a class action against food giant ConAgra for deceptively marketing the products as natural.

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