Grape Cat is a new site for compassion fashion, caringly curated by vegans in Bucks County, PA

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New online store caringly curated by vegans in Bucks County, PA

Bucks County, Pa. is well known for its beautiful countryside, its farms, and a strong support of the vegan and animal rights communities. And now, a local vegan couple is going worldwide to help like-minded people live their values, with a new online store, Grape Cat*.

The store is operated by James and Christine Lucas of Pipersville, Pennsylvania.  “Our customers are individuals who understand that the current mass-market production of clothing is not sustainable, and for those people who want to make sure they’re not buying into companies that exploit animals for profit,” James Lucas says. Grape Cat plans to donate 1% of their sales to animal charities including Our Hen House, Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and others.

Green_Rabbit_Tank_largeIt’s compassion fashion with an eye for style. Grape Cat’s products hold their own with the latest trends. Case in point: The “Friends Not Test Subjects” racerback tank, casual and sexy with raw edges and a rounded hemline. It’s made with a cozy eco-heather knit fabric, using an Earth-conscious blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon, and is also sustainably printed in the USA. $32.

For the guys, there’s a unique, limited edition, handmade, slim wallet made of cork! This is a classic wallet with one full-length pocket for bills and 4 card-sized pockets to hold at least 26 plastic cards in all.IMG_0970

Cork fabric is lightweight, scratch, stain, and water resistant with a thin layer of cork which is adhered to a cotton fabric backing. Cork is just as supple and durable as leather but doesn’t hurt animals or trees. And even better, it easily cleans with a damp cloth.

The interior of this wallet is one-of-a-kind because it is an up-cycled Ralph Lauren men’s dress shirt. The wallet is signed and numbered in the order in which the wallets were made. $60.

The Lucas’ vegan journey began when Christine Lucas started looking for alternative ways to ease her allergic symptoms when her asthma flared up several years ago. A family trip to Farm Sanctuary (an animal rescue organization) in 2008 helped her change her perspective on animals and food, opening her up to a vegan lifestyle.

After that life-changing trip, James and Christine founded the Bucks County Vegan Supper Club and later, they helped found the website From A to Vegan as a way to help inspire and motivate other people interested in adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Their new venture, Grape Cat, was started “to create a new kind of company that is good for customers, employees, the environment, and animals,” says James Lucas.  “We want to have a central place to find high quality, animal-free products that have been vetted by us.”

James, a graphic designer by trade, also started Doylestown Movie Fans, who meet once a month to see movies at the County Theater in Doylestown, PA. James is proud to support several nonprofits that support animals and the environment. Christine has been in the bookselling and publishing industries for nearly 20 years. She has been interested in decreasing her ecological footprint on the planet for years and believes Grape Cat helps to spread that message.

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