China is Consuming More Meat and Dairy

The Center for Investigative Reporting’s series “Food for 9 Billion” discuses China’s hunger for meat and dairy products. Over the last 30 years, meat consumption has quadrupled with city residents eating twice as much as residents in the countryside. China produces and consumes half of the world’s pork in crowded enclosed buildings. They release pork reserves to keep prices down even though drought, disease, and feed prices have increased. Pork can contain clenbuterol, which can cause heart attacks in humans.

China’s water level has decreased from 985 to 1,600 feet underground causing them to import 70% soybeans and import corn from the U.S. Brazil, and Argentina. Fertilizer, pesticide, and manure pollution are causing toxic blue-green algae blooms in Chao Lake killing off half of the fish.

China is buying 100,000 dairy cows from Australia, New Zealand, and Uruguay and is modernizing their dairy industry by putting the cows on carousels.

For more information, see the article here.

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