set up to fight HSUS


adjective: characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed has a new TV ad campaign to dissuade people from giving money to Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). This web site was started by The Center for Consumer Freedom and is funded by restaurants and food companies. spends a lot of time saying that HSUS spends less than one percent of its funds raised are given to local shelters. HSUS does provide “invaluable resources to help shelters excel every day in their lifesaving work.” HSUS is a national organization that speaks out against cruelty, celebrates the human-animal bond, and runs its own network of sanctuaries for big and small animals. HSUS uses its donations to make long-term changes for animals. What doesn’t tell you is that HSUS in 2010 spent 34% on advocacy and public policy, 34% on direct care and service, and fundraising, 28% on research and education, and cruelty prevention programs, and 4% on management and general supporting services. You can download HSUS 2010 Annual Report here. The Center for Consumer Freedom does not post their Annual Report.

You would think that was set up to find inhumane conditions around the world and not just to fight the HSUS.  When you click on the about page says they are the watchdog of HSUS, but seems more like a place to trash HSUS’ reputation. Then when you go to their blogroll page you get to see all of the inhumane sites that they do support like circus fans association, Fur Commission, National Animal Interest Alliance, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and the Ethical Butcher.

The Center for Consumer Freedom says they are fighting for the consumers right to choose what they eat without “activists trying to force you to live according to their vision of society.” The Center for Consumer Freedom also runs web sites that trash PCRM, two web sites against PETA ( and, and Center for Science in the Public Interest. offers “valuable information about hundreds of deep-pocketed foundations, activist celebrities, and other key players in the animal rights, “food police,” and Eco-terrorism movements.”

They also have web sites to let you know “how much fish you can safely eat” and to promote eating fish. Plus their Obesity Myths web site that says, “lifestyle, not diet, is the main cause of obesity” and to promote high fructose corn syrup.

It is amazing how many of these fake organizations funded by major corporations are scared of animal rights groups. They are good at using fear and name calling to convince the public those animals rights groups are working to take away their food choices even if they are cruel and unhealthy.

Take the time to inform yourself about these organizations:

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  1. Hi James,
    I’m glad to see you expose the liars-for-hire at Berman and Company! These con artists run more than 100 front groups, smear campaigns, and phony charities dedicated to defending the unhealthy and inhumane practices of their corporate clients.

    Fortunately, they depend on ignorance to further their smear campaign, and the antidote is simply being aware of who they are and what they really represent.

    Thanks for inoculating your readers!

    — John Doppler Schiff

    PS: I’ve assembled the last few years’ worth of tax returns for CCF/HumaneWatch, Center for Union Facts, and other front groups that Berman runs. They’re available at . They reveal that Berman has diverted nearly $20,000,000.00 in “nonprofit donations” from his phony charities into his personal and corporate bank accounts over the last five years.

  2. AnneHSUS says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this info, James! People who are interested can learn more about the HSUS and our work at and can learn more about Berman at

  3. Tullita says:

    All of this proves my philosophy, think globally but act locally. From what I’ve read on Berman, he sounds like a piece of work. From my close ties to public safety for 20 years, the only things I’ve heard about HSUS are good. The Ga HSUS was at a conference I attended a few years ago. The lady was there with kittens they had rescued from a very newsworthy story we were all aware of. Recently I read on one of the national 911 member sites about HSUS and the ASPCA assisting with the Branson tornados last year. I do trust what I get from those sites, they are usually factual. Reading some of the articles, I wonder if money changed hands but they still got credit for a job well done.
    On the act locally, support your local shelters, adopt a stray, support your local chapter of the HSUS. In the end, we can give, if someone misuses the gift, then they are the one who must answer.

  4. megluvpug says:

    HSUS speaks out against animal abuse and mistreatment BUT they do NOT use donations
    to fund shelters or save animals. Their kill rate in shelters is 97%, check the stats on this subject. You will be shocked. It is another big wig run corporation, none of the money trickles out of the adminstration building.

    • I’m not sure why you felt compelled to comment on a four-year old post, but perhaps that time would have been better spent educating yourself.

      First off, HSUS does not operate shelters, so their kill rate is 0%. You’re confusing the smear campaign against PETA with the smear campaign against the HSUS, both run by the sleazy corporate PR firm behind HumaneWatch.

      Second, more than 80% of HSUS donations are used to help animals. That’s in their Form 990 tax returns, Statement of Functional Expenses.