The Seed: A Vegan Experience

On Saturday, June 16th, Lydia and I attended The Seed: A Vegan Experience at 82 Mercer in the hopping Soho district of NYC. Instead of your typical vegetarian food festival, Erin Redet al., made sure this gorgeous loft was teaming with vegan companies! In addition to companies peddling their wares, we were treated to speakers on two different stages as well as a screening room where movies were presented.

Lovebug Kitchen seitan taco at The Seed.

The space was lovely and wide-open, so unlike most veg fests. There was a lot of light and energy there, too—no surprise when so many vegans and soon-to-be vegans gather for a fun event like this. Walking around the loft, we were blown away by the myriad of tables and items we found. Professional athlete Rich Roll was up on the main stage, inspiring the crowd to choose plants for optimum athletic performance. JL Fields, Gena Hamshaw, and Yoli Ouija were discussing blogging tips. Marissa Miller Wolfson was screening Vegucated. There was so much to choose from that it was a little overwhelming! Later that day, Victoria Moran spoke on the main stage (her Main Street Vegan book is a must purchase) as did Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan from Our Hen House, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Ulka Agarwal, MD, Kathy Stevens from Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Gena Hamshaw, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. There were other movies screened as well—Sue Coe’s From the Slaughterhouse to Your House and Lunch Hour by James Costa. And this was just Day 1—there was a whole other group of speakers and screenings on Sunday as well!

We decided to walk around and see all the vendors and to get in line early for food. The seitan tacos from Lovebug Kitchen were incredibly delectable and we hope to see them again at future veg events. We sampled scrumptious macaroons from Pure Food and Wine and mint chocolate from Rescue Chocolate. I touched nearly every Pansy Maiden bag that was out, looked over Compassion Company’s tees, and tried on a lot of the necklaces from Lux Alchemy (Lydia and I both ended up purchasing some fabulous jewelry).

Lovebug Kitchen cornbread at The Seed.

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