The Chip Factory – Pipersville, PA

This past weekend was the much awaited grand opening of Brad’s Raw Foods Chip Factory. An all raw/vegan business that’s growing and expanding into a health and wellness resource for the community is a really big deal for our little corner of suburban PA. I’ve been buying Brad’s awesome chips (the naked kale is my favorite) since he first started. I couldn’t be more excited that his business boomed so quickly and has opened an official hub only 10 minutes up the road from me.

The grand opening was an all-weekend event with lots of local businesses and farmers, speakers, holistic products and vegan food samples. Aside from Brad’s rockin’ chips, raw juices and frozen banana whips, here are some of the vendors present:

Mompops – Our friend Issa Ostrander is totally awesome. He’s at every foodie event from Chester County to Bucks County. We’re so glad he made it out here so we could stock up on some vegan and allergen-free popsicles. Watch our interview with Issa.

FreshaPeel Hummus – Another foodie friend of ours, brother and sister team Richard LeBoon and Deborah Mitchell. We love their hummus flavors. Who wouldn’t love their sun-dried tomato, lemon kale and chocolate dessert hummus? They’ve also just launched their new line of kale pesto. Yummy! Read our review on their products.

Cloud9 Raw Chocolate – These little gems are pricey but well worth it in flavor and antioxidants. We first tried a sample at eh NY Veg Food Fest a couple of months ago. We just had to take some home for a treat later in the day.

Linda Louise Pulse Desserts – Raw, organic, vegan cheezecakes. Wow! This was the first time I had heard of them and was totally floored. How could it be that all this deliciousness was being made 15 mins from where I live and I didn’t even know about them. They are such a treat for the taste buds and silky smooth. We brought six of the little pods home and we’re still rationing them. We’ll definitely be getting more of these!

The Honey Underground – Chef Wendy Landiak was there, only on Sunday, serving up some of her Buddha bowls. We love Wendy’s food! Read our review and get the whole scoop on The Honey Underground supper club.

Doylestown Food Co-op – The store isn’t open yet but the membership drive is full steam ahead. We’d love to get more vegan members owners join the co-op. Contact me if you’re interested in helping build a vegan-friendly co-op in Doylestown, PA.


The Chip Factory also has a whole line-up of speakers and events scheduled for the coming months. Check out their events calendar on their Facebook page or just go check it out to stock up on some healthy chips.

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