NYC Winter Village, 2015 edition

We spent the November 7th and 8th weekend in New York City, where we got to go to a few different places — this is one of a few posts about this trip, so keep an eye out for them.

Every year, Bryant Park organizes what they call their “Winter Village“, a collection of merchant stands of all kinds, plus a big ice skating rink. At least since last year, as it turns out, the organizer of the event is vegan, and so… the whole thing is amazingly vegan-friendly, especially the food vendors. They even set up only vegan vendors around the main food area.

We went there twice over the weekend to eat and walk around, and highly recommend it if you’re in the city or visiting… It’s nice to show support to the vegan vendors and the vegan event organizer, so they keep doing it every year. The shops will be there until January 3rd, so don’t wait too long. Plus, it’s a great excuse to pick up some vegan gifts for the holidays.

Here are some highlights.

We had lunch at Marty’s V Burger, a new vegan fast food joint that Marty, the owner, set up to provide really fast options for people who just want to walk up, grab some food and head out. The food is straightforward fast food but is very tasty, and they’re really fast at getting your order out. Marty talked to us quite a lot about his business and said that his plan is to set up a franchise, so vegans everywhere can have access to his food. We tried the Shroom Steakhouse Burger, the Crabby Patty and the Drumstix. Sorry for the half eaten food in the pictures, but we were hungry… We liked everything, but thought the Buffalo Drumstix with Blue Cheeze were definitely the best item we tried.

We also ate at Super Mac + Cheez, a brand new business from Queens– they started just a few weeks ago — and their M&C is delicious. Sorry, but we don’t have a picture of the food because we devoured it immediately. It looked and smelled so good. It’s a must try if you visit the Winter Village.


We didn’t eat at Saj Mahal, but two of our friends did and we talked to some other people that ate there, too. Apparently the saj is good and pretty filling. We did have a Chimney Cake, though, from their other stand and it’s a great dessert, pretty filling, too. Lydia was jonesing for one of these Chimney Cakes ever since she saw posts about them last year, and she wasn’t disappointed.

We also checked out Crêpe Café, which has a nice selection of vegan savory and sweet crêpes. We had their Banana Walnut Pie. The food was good, just don’t try to ask them to deviate from the standard dishes or substitute anything, because apparently they couldn’t understand anything Lydia was asking them. As long as you just order something straight from the menu, you should be fine.

Here’s one thing that we never expected to do, but ended up doing at the Winter Village: we bought a monthly subscription to Raaka’s fantastic chocolate bars. I’m writing a separate review for that, it will be posted soon. While I’m talking about chocolates and other sweets, Lagusta’s Lushious and Sweet Marissa’s (inside Kaleidoscope’s stand) and This Pie is Nuts are also there and you should totally try them out.

There were a number of other places we didn’t have the opportunity (i.e. space in our bellies) to try. We plan to go back to NYC soon, so maybe we’ll be able to stop by and see what they offer.

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