How do you survive the holidays?

It is that time of year when there are plenty of parties and dinners to attend. At my company holiday party, they made me a special vegan meal of pasta and red sauce and it was really disappointing. There were no appetizers that I could eat and the only thing available at the salad bar was romaine lettuce with some oil and vinegar. They made up for it by offering five different flavors of sorbet. The human resources manager is lactose intolerant, so they bought her a cake from Sweet Freedom Bakery in Philadelphia and that was delicious.

On Saturday we had our Bucks County Vegan Supper Club Meetup and the theme was a holiday potluck, where you could bring your favorite dish. We had Shepherd’s pie, roasted winter squash, kale salad, quinoa salad, and cauliflower mash. If home cooks can make a delicious meal like this why is it so hard for professionals to do it?

How do you handle work, friend, and family parties being vegan? Do you have any favorite holiday recipes? Do you have any advice for new vegans this holiday season?

One thought on “How do you survive the holidays?

  1. Priscilla says:

    My solution to handling holiday parties is to plan them myself! I put on our annual work party, and I told the caterer to make all the food vegetarian. There were a couple vegan dishes that I could enjoy. People loved the food, and no one even noticed that there was no meat!

    For family gatherings, I end up cooking a lot of dishes myself. This can be stressful at times because I travel from out of state to be with my family, so it requires a lot of advanced planning. But my family has gotten a lot more accommodating over the years. I try to be very gracious and grateful whenever they make me something that is vegan. It is great for me because I have something to eat. But it is also a subtle form of activism — getting your family members to try out vegan dishes means that everyone at the gathering will have a little less meat/dairy/eggs on their plates. And it makes them all more aware of what kinds of food they are putting in their bodies.

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