Grape Cat Announces Launch of Spring Line

Whoever still thinks looking great can’t be done with compassion for animals is sadly mistaken.  The vegan apparel shop Grape Cat, proves looking amazing and being cruelty free come hand in hand.  The company recently announced their spring selection is now available and the early response from shoppers has been wildly enthusiastic.

For nearly every vegan, it’s not just what you eat, but the compassionate drive carries over into a complete lifestyle.  A big part of that, obviously, is the clothes and accessories a person chooses to wear.  Grape Cat, a online fashion shop that caters to the vegan and vegetarian who wants to be sure they aren’t just looking their best, but that their apparel is completely cruelty free, recently announced their spring line is up and ready to go.  The combination of an expanded amazing selection, a continued wonderful energy and customers who are dedicated to the Grape Cat vision, are helping the store quickly become a viral success.

“Our name comes from the jazz world describing a person who loves wine,”  commented James Lucas, co-owner of Grape Cat.  “Well we certainly love wine and our passion is compassionate treatment of animals so we thought it’s a wonderful fit for what we’re trying to do.  It’s really inspiring people get it and are exploring what we’re offering.  Our spring 2015 additions are really some of our favorite things yet!”

According to Lucas, the shop is happy to offer shopping choices in men, women, unisex and kids fashion; along with a wide selection of things like bags and other accessories all chosen with the same sense of fun aesthetics and careful attention to detail.  The catalog is added to frequently, and every effort is made to keep up with customer suggestions and requests.

Reviews from customers have been very positive.

Emily G., from New York, recently said, “I’m a life long vegan and I really appreciate having a place I can shop at without having to worry about if what I’m buying is cruelty free.  Plus Grape Cat has an eye for what looks amazing and the prices are wonderful.  Five stars and fully recommended!”

For more information be sure to visit  Grape Cat Vegan Apparel and Accessories.

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