Vegan 2015 – Retrospect Video made the awesome Vegan 2015 film below, a round-up of the giant strides veganism made this year.

I must confess, on a daily basis it feels like we’re fighting an uphill battle for our fellow Earthlings. We want them to have the right to live their lives freely and not become someone’s dinner or torture outlet for other numerous animal-based products on the market, but this video restored a bit of hope that we are making a difference. We’ve just started to pick up some momentum and it’s a fantastic feeling. Let’s keep building on it in 2016. For the animals!


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Lydia has been a passionate cook since she was 13 years old, a vegetarian/now vegan for a over 21 years, a graphic designer for over 18.... read her full bio or send her a message here.

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