Chalk Art & Bearing Witness at Toronto Pig Save Vigil

Photo of a sad and frightened pig taken at a Toronto Pig Save vigil in 2012

Pigs are some of our favorite animals. They’re smart, cute, and clean when not stuck in cages or styes.

We were contacted by Anita Krajnc, from the Toronto Pig Save, and asked if we could help divulge the work they do trying to raise consciousness about the slaughter of these wonderful animals.

TPS holds weekly vigils in Toronto (on Lake Shore and Strachan), about half a mile away from the egregiously brutal “Quality Meat Packers” pig slaughterhouse. Up to 210 baby pigs, four to six months, are crammed in transport trucks… the pigs look out the portholes imploringly, asking for basic dignity and respect and freedom.

What can you do to help? If you live nearby Toronto or find yourself traveling there, you can join them at their weekly vigils. You can RSVP on the TPS Facebook event page , check their website for vigil times, follow them on Twitter @TorontoPigSave and “Like” their FB page.

Their new video “Chalk art & bearing witness at Toronto Pig Save vigil” captures the type of activism Toronto Pig Save does each week at the vigils: eleven women and one dog use a Gandhian, art-filled, collective approach to bearing witness of transport trucks carrying pigs and chickens to Toronto’s five slaughterhouses.

More videos and information about the vigils are available here.

Vigil participants: Mr. Bean (the dog), Anya Yushchenko (veternarian), Louise Jorgensen, Samita Nandy, Caroline Wong, Agnes Cseke, Tiffany Shewchuk, Lisetta Littanzio, Debbie Fong, Coleen Tew, Sundhya Walther and Anita Krajnc.

Photos: Louise Jorgensen and Anita Krajnc, Toronto Pig Save.
Video: Anita Krajnc, Toronto Pig Save.

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