What is stock free farming?

Harold Brown & Lydia at CARE VegFest in PA

Stock free farming or veganic gardening is a way to grow crops without using GMO seeds, artificial chemicals, manure, or animal parts including bone, blood, and fish meal. This type of farming uses mulch, vegetable compost, crop rotation, and other techniques. In addition, a cover crop called green manure like soybeans, clover, millet, and buckwheat can be ploughed under to add nutrients to the soil. Green manure benefits the soil by replacing nutrients, improving structure, and increasing organic matter content. In addition, green manure is used to break up the soil and put nitrogen back into the ground.


In the video above Harold Brown talks about why we should use stock free farming, animals taken from the sea used for fertilizer or feed, and how plants are able to absorb pharmaceuticals from manure.

Harold Brown is a former beef farmer, founder of FarmKind, and subject of the documentary film Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home.

Growing Green: Animal-Free Organic Techniques by Jenny Hall and Iain Tollhurst is a perfect guide for beginners and professionals who want to start stock free farming. By going stock free you will have healthier crops with less weeds, pests, and diseases. By rotating four crops of potatoes and squashes, legumes, brassicas, and lettuces farmers can lower the chance of spreading disease and pests. In addition, farmers can reduce pests by making habitats for predators by planting trees, shrubs, and perennial plant between planting beds.

Farmers have to be careful not to purchase organic compost since it may contain poultry manure, fish emulsion, and slaughterhouse by-products. By not using animal manure, farmers will get rid of any chance of spreading salmonella and e-coli to consumers.

As vegans we should try our best to find farms that grow vegetables in this manner.

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