Interview with Paul Shapiro from HSUS

While we were at DC VegFest we interviewed Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of Farm Animal Protection for the Humane Society of the US (HSUS). HSUS doesn’t work solely for the benefit of pets and wild life, they also have a division specifically devoted to farmed animal protection. Watch this informative interview with Paul to learn more about their efforts and how you can help put an end to cruel practices.

You can also watch our interviews with Chetana Mirle and Elissa Lane from HSI.

Paul, Lydia & Chris

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4 Responses to “Interview with Paul Shapiro from HSUS”
  1. SarahHSUS says:

    Thanks for posting this – for those looking to see what our Farm Animal Protection Campaign is up to, you can check it out on our website here:

  2. DSuryan says:

    I know its not your fault, and I realize there needs to be advertisements but is there any way to not have Wendy’s/coke adverts on a vegan channel lol? I don’t know if these companies do it on purpose or what, I just find it ironic :p anyways keep up the fabulous work! 🙂

  3. Vegan Dave says:

    I am happy Paul said vegan. But he is at a vegan vegfest. I only wish HSUS would promote veganism and animal rights as a policy, not “humane” animal products and welfare.
    It is very true that the longest journey starts with a single step, but not a step on the path to cage-free eggs and “humane” meat. That is not the path that leads to animal liberation.