Interview with Jasmin Singer

There are activists, and then there are those who inspire others to be their best selves and follow their hearts towards activism. One of those people is Jasmin Singer, co-founder of Our Hen House. She’s the former campaigns manager for Farm Sanctuary, a farm animal rescue and advocacy group. Jasmin is a writer and a trained actor, as well as an outspoken advocate for animals. She began Our Hen House in 2010 with her partner, Mariann Sullivan. Our Hen House is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people find their way to change the lives of animals.  We spoke to Jasmin recently about who inspires her, where she started understanding her role as an activist, and her plans for the future of Our Hen House. Her enthusiasm and deep-seated compassionate spirit is inspiring to anyone interested in bringing out their inner advocate. Please make sure to bookmark and listen to their podcast, where Jasmin and Mariann discuss all aspects of animal advocacy and interview a diverse group of people around the country who are actively making changes for animal welfare on a daily basis.

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