Interview with Chetana Mirle from HSI

While we were at DC Vegfest we interviewed Chetana Mirle, Director of the Farm Animal Division of the Humane Society International (HSI). Chetana works with developing countries world wide, educating communities in countries such as India and encouraging them to steer away from large scale production of animal products. Please watch the full interview to hear more about their current campaign abroad and how you can help.

You can also watch our interviews with Paul Shapiro from HSUS and Elissa Lane from HSI.

Chetana, Lydia & Chris

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2 Responses to “Interview with Chetana Mirle from HSI”
  1. krsnamayi says:

    can’t you complain about the total inappropriate arby’s ad at the beginning of this?

    • We’re really sorry about the meat ads, folks. We hate it just as much as our readers/viewers. We’re taking care of it today. Thanks for pointing it out and thanks for the patience.