Fund Raiser for Vegan Outreach

Hi From A to Vegan fans!

We’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for local vegan events we’ll be having in Bucks County, PA late fall of 2011 through spring of 2012. The funds are needed to rent venues for movie screenings, vegan speakers and other vegan themed events; order vegan starter kit literature to hand out at the events; pay for movie screening licensing fees, speaker fees and travel expenses, and cover any additional costs to run the events.


The main goal of our site is to share perspectives about veganism in the 21st century. From food to fashion, leisure to sustainability, our goal is to provide noteworthy and useful information to anyone thinking about or currently leading a life free of animal products. We think it’s important to present different points of view and challenge common misperceptions about people and practices that are considered vegan. We hope to open minds to the possibility of a sustainable way of life through alternative choice.

To that end, we’d like to expand our reach and efforts by bringing educational outreach events to our local community. The intent for our events is to inform and educate about the many benefits of a plant-based diet and/or vegan lifestyle. We feel that by approaching the topic from many different angles our message will resonate with more individuals, lessen the taboo/prejudice associated with veganism, make the topic more approachable and support those who are considering to become vegan.

We already have our first event planned. Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary’s president, will be coming to Bucks County, PA on December 4th, 2011 as part of his speaking tour. We’ve planned a fundraiser breakfast in the morning and an educational talk in the afternoon.

Future events, running from Winter to Spring, include movie screenings and discussions for “Got the facts on Milk” and “Vegucated“, vegan health advocates (TBD) and other vegan outreach speakers (TBD).

Unfortunately all of these events cost money, from paying speaker fees and travel expenses, renting venues — locations that can accommodate at least 100 attendees and movie theaters (that’s right movie theaters won’t just show the movies for free we have to pay to reserve the whole room)— movie screening licensing fees, printing flyers to promote events, buying outreach pamphlets and support materials and any other costs to get the events up and running. That’s where we hope you’ll come in.


While your contribution isn’t tax deductible we have some pretty sweet perks as a token of our appreciation: Bee-Free HoneeOrganic Splendor make-up, a variety of books and vegan cookbooks, guest blogger opportunities on our site, From A to Vegan Ts, cooking classes with Lydia & Chris, and more perks will be added as these are taken up —goodies galore!

Your support early on is much needed and very appreciated. Without it we won’t be able to make our events happen. So please consider contributing today. Did we mention that aside from cool perks we’re offering we’ll thank you on our website? Please visit our campaign page for full details and to help us reach our goal.

Thanks for your support!
From A to Vegan Team

James, Chris, Lydia, and Mauro

Campaign Update – Complete

Although we did not reach our campaign goal, we greatly appreciate the generosity of the following people who contributed: Roberta Reis, Christa Tinari, Ligia Monzoni, Stephanie Walker, Melissa Costello, Hari Bhajan Khalsa, Nancy Lee Wagner, plus an anonymous donor–thank you so much for you contributions!

More thank yous to be extended to the companies that donated goodies for the perks: Organic Splendor, Bee Free Honee, Wild Success, and Andrews McMeel Publishing. We really appreciate everyone’s support in helping make this event possible.

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