Vegan Holiday Gifts for Him, 2013 edition

Lists of gift ideas for the holidays are a popular feature everywhere on the internet this time of the year, so we couldn’t be left out 🙂

Here are some suggestions that I like, taken from various sources, including some items previously reviewed here on From A to Vegan. Hopefully this will offer some gift ideas you can give to other guys. All the suggestions are vegan, of course.

Clothing and Accessories

Grape Cat is giving a 25% discount on your whole purchase, if you use the coupon code “FA2V”. They have a variety of nice items for both men and women. Check out the cork products, I own this hat and absolutely love it, it is waterproof and feels like soft leather — without the cruelty.

Brave Gentleman has some cool looking boots and other clothing and apparel designed for men. Their stuff is very expensive, though, so be warned.

Speaking of boots, MooShoes sells these manly-looking, steel toe engineer boots. They’re on my list.

Food and Cooking

Apinya Thai Sauces are a great choice for guys who love hot sauces (we reviewed their Thai Chili Sauce earlier this year). We like their mascot a lot, don’t forget to check their Extras page for a papercraft model and posters. sells a Louisville Vegan Jerky Co. gift pack that is recommended by James. I’ve never tried them, but I always have some Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky* around as an emergency snack — I drive around all day for work, sometimes I get hungry while on the road. Very handy.

And while we’re on the subject of food for the road, Journey Bars* are also pretty good. We reviewed them a couple of months ago.

Vegan Cuts* offers a lot of different food products, among other things. A nice gift is their Snack Box subscription*, which is a box of random vegan food items delivered to your (or a lucky gift recipient’s) door, monthly. It’s like Christmas all year!

For guys who like to cook, check out the EZ Tofu Press*… if you hurry, you can catch our giveaway and maybe save some bucks for other gifts.

Want a book with recipes to impress pretty much anybody? Vedge: 100 Plates Large and Small That Redefine Vegetable Cooking*, a book by Rich Landau, should fit the bill. Rich’s cooking is absolutely fantastic. There’s also a Kindle version*.


There’s nothing wrong in making a donation in someone’s name to a charity as a gift. In fact, it’s a very nice thing to do, and is my personal preference if someone really wants to give me a gift for the holidays. Besides, what kind of person would complain about receiving a donation in their name to a charity as a gift, without looking like a total jerk? It’s a win-win situation!

Listed below are a few places we like to donate to every year. I’m listing organizations mostly local to us, because they are small and lesser known, so they always need help funding their operations.

The Bailey Foundation is a parrot rescue in Delaware County, PA. They do a wonderful job at rescuing these long-living birds from all sorts of terrible conditions, rehabilitating them and finding new homes for the ones that can be adopted. Parrots suffer greatly at the hands of humans, there are way too many horror stories around. You can learn a little about the plight of the parrots in this PBS documentary.

Chester County CARE is an animal rights group from Chester County, PA. They are very nice people, we know a number of them personally. They’re very active and organize a number of events all year around, including their annual CARE Vegan Festival.

For The Animals is a farmed animal sanctuary in Blairstown, NJ. We meet them every now and then at events in our area and they’re great people. Besides taking donations, they sell jewelry, buttons and stickers at events, but unfortunately their online store is not functional at this point. All proceeds from the items they sell go directly to the sanctuary. You can try writing them and asking about the items for sale, or just make a donation.

Primarily Primates is a primate sanctuary in Texas, associated with Friends of Animals. They rescue primates from the pet trade and medical research institutions.

Happy Gifting!

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