Vegan Camping


Last year Lydia and I decided to buy a chalet-style pop-up camper, so we could travel, hike, bike, and not have to worry about finding somewhere to eat, no matter where we were. If we find vegan food at local restaurants, that’s great; if not, we cook our own. We could probably have put together a more simplified set-up for our tent, but we’re getting old and want a little more comfort while still kinda roughing it.

We bring with us a combination of prepared and unprepared food, and work out the meals depending on mood or time constraints. Obviously the prepared food tends to be eaten sooner, but since we have a fridge it can still last several days.

I’m writing the first draft of this post on my phone, offline, at the Glen Rouge campground in Toronto, where we came to check out the Toronto Vegfest. On our way here we stopped in Ithaca, NY for a couple of nights, to visit chef Zack Pelliccio. It’s a week-long camping trip, from Tuesday to Sunday.

We brought with us on this trip, among other things: mashed potatoes with roasted garlic we made at home; donuts made by Lydia; zucchinis and eggplants for grilling; cucumbers; lettuce; tomatoes; homemade sun-dried tomatoes; some pasta and Teese for Mac-n-cheese; bread and Daiya for grilled cheese sandwiches; steel-cut oats already prepared; fruits; condiments; and snacks.

This is a sample of our meals while at the campsites, plus what our setup looks like:

  • Mashed potatoes with grilled veggies and Salad
  • Steel-cut oats with peaches
  • Mac and “Cheese” and green beans
  • Grilled “cheese”
  • The little sink and stovetop in our camper
  • Our camper

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