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Have you ever wished someone else cooked hearty, gluten-free, vegan meals for you? You’ve bought frozen TV dinners at the supermarket and although some brands are better than others, they don’t taste like a home cooked meal. Then, let me introduce you to Fresh N Lean.

I received the meals below to taste-test and review: Hearty Granola, Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal, Mixed Berry Chia Pudding, Creamy Lentil with Eggplant, Spanish Rice with Veggies, Kidney Bean Fajita Bowl, Mushroom Curry with Brown Rice and Broccoli and Veggies with Brown Rice (not pictured).

What We Thought About the Meals

Everything arrived in a cooler box, packed with ice packs. The meal packs had shifted while shipping so they look a little messy. The black plastic doesn’t help the appearance of foods—I think it makes everything look pasty—, but Mauro and I were pleased to find out that the food was really good. The rice, beans and lentil meals tasted like the food we make on a regular basis. They tasted fresh and home made. The beans and lentils tasted like they were made from scratch, too. The meals were well seasoned and weren’t overly salty or oily—in fact, I didn’t see any oily residue on the containers when I rinsed them out to recycle.

The portion sizes listed on the labels are hearty. Most of the meals above, except for the granola, are listed as 1 portion per container. Those are nice, hearty portions of whole grains, legumes and veggies! The rice entreés had an average of 24g of protein per container (1 serving). I wonder where vegans get their protein? 😉

Mauro and I split everything. We had the lentils and beans with a couple of the rice dishes and a side of veggies or a veggie burger. We had the chia pudding as a dessert. We really liked the meals and they came in handy during a hectic week for us. They made breakfast and dinner time a no-brainer.

What did we like the most? As I stated above, we liked everything, but the chia pudding and the granola were our favorites. The granola was so crunchy, had just the right amount of sweet (nothing like store bought) and a touch of salt. I haven’t made granola myself in a couple of years, so that was a treat. The chia pudding was the best I’ve ever had. I’ve had my battles with chia puddings or chia in my oatmeal, I’ve wanted to like them, but they’re not my favorite. Fresh N Lean’s was fruity and fresh, with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of tang from the berries. Two thumbs up!

About Fresh N Lean (taken from their website)

3_Meals_Plate_400_277Fresh N Lean is a 100% plant-based food delivery service that prepares and delivers premium quality, all organic, gluten-free and fresh meals nationwide. They are passionate about using the very best all-natural ingredients to make sure meals always taste fresh.

Everything is made to order by the chefs. Meals are tasty, dense, nutrient-rich, and all natural. They use local, in-season produce. They don’t use frozen or processed ingredients, they never use preservatives, and we keep oils to a minimum. they don’t need to mask the taste with oily, salty sauces. They want the natural flavors of real food to come through. Take a few bites and see how fruits and veggies were really meant to taste.

For information on meal types, plans and pricing, visit the Fresh N Lean website.


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