EZ Tofu Press Giveaway

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About a year and a half ago, we reviewed the EZ Tofu Press, a simple and very affordable kitchen gadget that helps press excess water out of tofu.

We’re happy to report that after all this time, we’re still using it every time we use tofu and, despite our original concern, the boards have not really warped. It still looks pretty much like it did when we got it, the bolts haven’t rusted, the boards are pretty much straight (just some minimal arching). As we mentioned before, it’s easy to clean and is low profile for storage. We really like this product.

If you use tofu in your cooking, you can buy your very own EZ Tofu Press here. Pressing the tofu makes it hold up better when cooking and gives it a nice, firmer texture.

But wait! There’s more!


EZ Tofu Press 10-2013 smallEZ Tofu Press Giveaway

EZ Tofu Press is giving away one of their presses to one of our readers. To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment below telling us what is your favorite way of eating tofu. US residents only, please.

We’ll randomly select one of the comments on Monday, December 16th, 2013 at 8:00 pm EST.

Happy commenting and good luck!


Rolling the internet dice and…


The lucky winner out of 21 comments is comment number 14, by Jenn.

Ok, so something unexpected happened. Jenn, the winner above, won another EZ tofu press on another website giveaway. She was nice enough to give another reader, here on our site, a chance to win. She said she wanted to put a smile on someone else face. And I’ll bet she did.


The new lucky winner is comment number 7, by Sarah.


21 Responses to “EZ Tofu Press Giveaway”
  1. Sallie Reeves says:

    So many great tofu uses, hard to pick just one, love to make tofu bacon for BLTs, eggless egg salad, love tofu.

  2. Dina G says:

    for a family that eats a lot of tofu, we’re not terribly creative. I would welcome a chance for a new tool that would help us along!

  3. Cee says:

    I like it in a tofu scramble or baked for sandwiches.

  4. Linda Stein says:

    I like to freeze my tofu and slice and pan fry it to make baked lemon rosemary tofu served over brown rice. Would love to have a tofu press.

  5. Anne says:

    I like scrambled tofu with mushrooms…..

  6. Suzanne Burke says:

    I love tofu, use it in buffalo tofu, miso soup, scrambled tofu, etc, etc, etc.

  7. Sarah says:

    i love tofu scrambles!! this would be so great! crossing my fingers!

  8. TC says:

    In miso soup!

  9. Caroline says:

    I’d like,to win one! I’m tired of balancing heavy plates in my fridge haha.

  10. Em says:

    I love a simple pan fried tofu cooked up in sesame oil.

  11. Ruth- says:

    Add me to the scramble/scrambler lovers! We clean out any bits of veggies, etc. to make one-of-a-kind mixes usually. Perhaps a press would take me to other worlds ….

  12. I want a tofu press so badly! I love to bread tofu and bake it. Yum! And super easy.

  13. Sarah says:

    I love making a tofu scramble for breakfast or baking slabs of it in miso sauce!

  14. Jenn says:

    Plain, straight out of the packet 🙂
    When I can resist, I cook it in stir fry

  15. Chelsea Johnson says:

    I’ve been using an elaborate system of heavy books, plates and cheesecloth to press my tofu for the last few years- this gadget is going on my wishlist! 🙂

  16. Kate Amodei says:

    My favorite is replacing cheese in lasagna with tofu. I mash it up with some veggies and layer it in. Favorite recipe is from forks over knives. Best lasagna ever! This gadget would be so helpful.

  17. Sadie says:

    Grilled outside in the summer! Marinated with olive oil, rosemary, oregano, black pepper, salt and just a little bit of liquid smoke. Mmm…summer…

  18. Stacey Good says:

    Mmmmmm tofu! I want to EZ Tofu Press!! It sounds amazing!

  19. My favorite way it so press it, slice it, and leave it to overnight in a marinade made up of soy sauce, agave, liquid smoke, ginger, and sriracha! Yum : )

  20. Robyn Okrant says:

    This would save so many paper towels in my home!

  21. Phoebe says:

    I love me some scrambled tofu. But also thrown into a stir fry, roasted in a yummy sauce with some pineapple, or marinated and warmed for sandwiches! This gadget would save me so many paper towels!