Farm Sanctuary Walk for Animals – NYC 2011

On October 23, 2011, we went to New York and participated in Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals. This was the first one for Mauro and I but James and Chris’ fifth. It was a much bigger event than I anticipated and so inspiring to see so many people participating in this wonderful cause.

One aspect I really enjoyed, aside from the location, was that it wasn’t just a walk and we were done. There were other activities to keep us engaged before and after the walk. It was a chilly morning so we started off with some yoga to warm up, met up with friends we don’t get to see so often —Sharon Nazarian from Big City Vegan and Dianne Wenz and Karyn Gost from Montclair Vegans—, had an abundance of delicious snacks after the walk, awesome raffle prizes and the some the crème de la crème of speakers to top it all off. Of course Gene Baur was there too (by the way, Gene will be coming Doylestown, PA in December). Luckily the weather was perfect for the occasion and made the event even more memorable.

After the event was over and we were done saying our hellos and good-byes, we headed over to Café Blossom for the most amazing brunch. Four of us ended up having the Blossom Country Breakfast with a side of tempeh bacon. Simply out of this world! It was a hearty portion with so many flavors and textures that mingled so well together, we were all have foodgasms. All of the other dishes ordered were pretty awesome too, of course, but the breakfast definitely got two thumbs up from all who ordered it.

We had such a great time we hope you can make it to the next Walk for Farm Animals in NYC too.

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