Restaurant Review – Ithaca, NY

Mauro and I have been wanting to go to Toronto for several years now, for several reasons —it’s extremely veg-friendly, there are some amazing farmers markets with yummy artisanal eats, it’s the host to the largest Veg Fest in North America (3 whole days of vegan demos, speakers and vendors), because we just love Canadia and Toronto is only an 8-hour drive from us. So... Read More

Review: Vgë Café – Bryn Mawr, PA

It’s been a year since Vgë Café opened and we finally got out there to try their delicious sandwiches. Mauro and I decided to check it out on one of our drive-abouts a couple of weeks back. And let me tell you, we really missed out on some good stuff this past year. We took a nice scenic and hilly route out there. It was a gorgeous day and perfect weather for driving around,... Read More

Dinner at Vedge

On December 1, 2012, Chris, Mauro, Lydia, and I went to see War Horse at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music. Nick Stafford adapted the play from Michael Morpurgo’s novel of the same name. War Horse is the story of Joey a horse that is bought at auction and survives the battlefields of World War I to go back to his owner. All of the animals in the play are puppets. Since our... Read More

HipCityVeg Autumn/Fall Menu


It is getting cold here in Philadelphia and HipCityVeg has added some specials to their standard menu. They just added quinoa chili, cream of zucchini soup, hot chocolate, ginger carrot lemonade, and cream cheese pumpkin cup cake. The quinoa chili has organic quinoa, pinto and black beans, fire roasted tomatoes, and corn tortilla strips. This was my favorite of the new items. I... Read More

Vegan Gatronomy Trip: London, UK

Vantra, London, UK

The day I received an email from my husband telling me we were going to London, I immediately got excited for another gastronomy trip. I’m so fortunate to have so many food options where I live (and some great restaurants, too) that I wondered if the United Kingdom would offer those same alternatives. I found a great web site, Vegan London, and started looking for ideas. My goal... Read More

Restaurant Review: The Honey Underground – Hereford, PA

In early Celtic literature, the carrot is referred to as “The Honey Underground”. Mauro and I finally had the opportunity to go to one of The Honey Underground’s brunches on Easter Sunday. I had heard so many good things about it but just never got around to going there. It’s about a one-hour drive for us, so we had to make it a date to actually go. We... Read More

Restaurant Review: HipCityVeg

HipCityVeg Restaurant front

Philadelphia has a chance to become the next great vegan city. We already have Vedge, my favorite restaurant in the country. There is also Black Bird Pizza, Sweet Freedom Bakery, several Asian restaurants, and now HipCityVeg.  Nicole Marquis, the former general manager of Horizons, has opened a fast food joint. Nicole and her head chef, Lauren Hooks, have designed a menu that will... Read More

Restaurant Review: Phoenix Garden, Richmond, VA

On our holiday trip to Wilmington, NC from Doylestown, PA we wanted to stop in Richmond, VA since it is the half way point between our start and destination. We found Phoenix Garden that is a totally vegan Vietnamese restaurant owned by Phoenix, the chef, and Vi, a retired mechanic in Richmond, VA. It is easy to reach, right off of Route 95. They have only been open three months... Read More

Restaurant Review: Asian vegan options in Southeastern PA

Lydia and I love Asian food. I, in particular, would happily eat Chinese food every day of the week. So, of course, having good vegan options when it comes to Asian food is very important to us. Fortunately, finding vegan food in Asian restaurants is usually not too difficult. Any neighborhood Chinese restaurant, for example, will have a selection of vegetable and tofu dishes and... Read More

Review: Sprig & Vine

Sprig & Vine is the best vegan restaurant we have close by, and it’s a pretty darn good restaurant period. For that reason we end up going there A LOT (oh, the sacrifices we make) for birthdays, anniversaries, Sunday brunch, our Breakfast with Gene Baur event or just because. It’s no accident that it’s our favorite local spot and that the food is so good,... Read More