Ecco Bella Review & Interview with Sally Malanga

The health and beauty market is booming with eco- and vegan-friendly make-up, personal care and beauty products. We’re so fortunate, and so are the animals and our planet, to have an ever growing demand for cruelty-free products and to have companies willing to push themselves to fill this demand. Let’s face it, the world we live in is very animal ingredient-centric,... Read More

Ellovi Body Butter Review

This winter was brutal here in PA. It was cold, it was dry, it got colder and it got drier. My skin was drier than it’s ever been, for a little while at least. The lovelies at Ellovi were kind enough to send me a sample of their amazing body butter to try out. This gem of a butter saved my skin from chapping, cracking and flaking this winter. Ellovi body butter is made with... Read More

Nurture My Body Giveaway

I’m always on the lookout for a good facial moisturizer for different times of the year, even though I already have a few favorites. My skin is slightly on the dry side so I need a heavy duty one in the colder months and a medium weight one from spring to the beginning of fall. Spring is finally around the corner (it just can’t get here quick enough in PA) and I’m... Read More

Review: Fitbliss Organics

Mauro and I are huge supporters of locally produced food and pretty much anything else for the house or personal use. In this era of globalization and mass production, of pretty much everything made everywhere but the US, we really go out of our way to find and support American-made. The closer it’s produced to our local community the better. When we went to Weavers Way Co-op’s... Read More

Review: Naked Beans Organics Eye Cream

Update: So sad to inform that Naked Beans Organics went out of business and non of their products are available any more 🙁 Don’t you just wish you could find the perfect moisturizers/lotion that works well with your skin type? That isn’t greasy or too heavy, or not moisturizing enough? I had been on the hunt for the perfect eye-cream for a couple of years. I wanted... Read More