Movie Review: Madonna of the Mills

Madonna of the Mills is a documentary about Laura Flynn Amato, a Staten Island woman who spends her weekends driving to Lancaster County, PA, and rescuing dogs from puppy mills. It’s clear from the beginning of the movie that she has always has an affinity towards animals and is dedicated to making it her life’s mission to save as many dogs from the mills as possible (the film... Read More

Movie Review: Buck

Buck is a documentary about Dan “Buck” Brannaman, who makes his living touring around the American west most of the year and teaching folks how to train horses. My husband found this DVD at the library and I was interested to see how a real “horse whisperer” works his magic. It’s clear from the beginning that he is truly a committed and sensitive man, who has a deep connection... Read More

Movie Review: Eating

The Price Of Junk Food Vs. Fresh Food

Eating by Mike Anderson is not a great movie. It is slowly paced and overly edited with Mike doing voice over images with a factoid overlay. On the other hand it has some great information that I have not seen in other movies on the same subject. I learned from this movie that eating kills 2 out of 3 Americans. Also, that cholesterol is deadlier than all wars of the 20th century,... Read More

Movie review: Earthlings

“We patronize the animals for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they are more finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall... Read More

Kickstarter Campaign for Vegucated

About this project We finished our documentary! It’s been a loooong road, but we’ve done it. And we’re thrilled that we’ve been getting fantastic feedback from industry leaders and sneak peek preview viewers. But making a documentary is only half the work and money; releasing it is the other half. Through this Kickstarter campaign, we hope to raise enough... Read More