McDonald’s will be completely vegan by 2015

DOYLESTOWN, PA:  McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) today announced that their entire menu would be vegan by 2015. “We think that by making the entire menu vegan will be good for the environment and also good for our bottom line.” Said McDonald’s Pete Bensen, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. This will lower McDonald’s carbon emission and Amazon deforestation... Read More

Grape Cat is a new site for compassion fashion, caringly curated by vegans in Bucks County, PA

New online store caringly curated by vegans in Bucks County, PA Bucks County, Pa. is well known for its beautiful countryside, its farms, and a strong support of the vegan and animal rights communities. And now, a local vegan couple is going worldwide to help like-minded people live their values, with a new online store, Grape Cat*. The store is operated by James and Christine Lucas... Read More

China is Consuming More Meat and Dairy

China is Consuming More Meat and Dairy

The Center for Investigative Reporting’s series “Food for 9 Billion” discuses China’s hunger for meat and dairy products. Over the last 30 years, meat consumption has quadrupled with city residents eating twice as much as residents in the countryside. China produces and consumes half of the world’s pork in crowded enclosed buildings. They release pork reserves to keep... Read More

Fracking Killing Livestock

Fracking Killing Livestock

According to the Center for Investigative Reporting livestock in near oil-and-gas drilling operations are becoming sick and dying. These animals are being poisoned through the air, water, and air. Livestock experiences neurological, reproductive and acute gastrointestinal problems after being exposed. This is an early warning that these poisons could find their way into milk and... Read More

News for October 14, 2011

News Today includes stories about Tomatoes, Russell Simmons, Poverty, Turtles, Seals, Sharks, Pets, Transit, Food Day, Coyotes, Hershey, Circus, Hunger, Pigs, Shelters, Monkeys, Cattle, Sweets, Cruelty, Kitchen, General Mills, Salmon, Companies, Halloween, Pesticides, Environmental, Thailand, Cows, Meat, and recipes. The Tomato Effect From [youtube] Why... Read More

News for October 13, 2011

News Today includes stories about death, Diet, Gorillas, Plastic Bags, Ocean, Alligators, Chimp, Orca, Snakes, Crickets, Wine, Bananas, Meat, recycle, Dinner Clubs, Cage-Free, Farmers, and recipes. China Study on sudden cardiac death From The China-Oxford-Cornell Diet and Health Project directed by T. Colin Campbell and colleagues showed that chronic diseases... Read More

News for October 12, 2011

News Today includes stories about heart disease, Breakfast, Food, Agribusinesses, Greece, Homeless, Wine, Fundraising, cafeteria, FoodCorps, Abusers, Adopted, Gorillas, Occupy Wall Street, Mischa Barton, Spiders, and recipes. Our number one killer can be stopped From Dr. Dean Ornish proved decades ago that heart disease could be reversed solely with diet and... Read More

News for October 11, 2011

News Today includes stories about Medicare, Dogs, Films, Factory Farms, Lip Balm, Spinach, Michael Pollan, Foie Gras, farmer’s market, Pilgrims, Vegans, Men, DC VegFest, and recipes. Resuscitating Medicare From Medicare is now accepting for reimbursement the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease and the Pritikin Program, which, on a personal note,... Read More

News for October 10, 2011

News Today includes stories about avocados, insects, farmers, Deer, Meatless Monday, Sharks, Bulls, Turkey, Arkansas, Bullfighting, Trapping, Turtles, Food, Bull Sharks, Farming, Elephants, Oceans, Safer Food, GOMBBS, Vegucation, USDA, Clothes, Pasta, Lunchbox, and recipes. Are avocados bad for you? From The insecticide and fungicide compound found naturally... Read More

News for October 7, 2011

News Today includes stories about avocados, Farming, Hunger, downed animals, Sharks, Immigration, Steve Jobs, Food Waste, Whales, Turtles, dining, Birds, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Walmart, salmon, Cancer, Workers, Perfume, ethanol, Monkeys, ferrets, Theft, Vegan, Documentaries, salmonella, orcas, Crackers, Hope, MindfulEating, Education, Nachos, Factory Farming, Animals, knife, Yoga,... Read More