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I choose to be vegan

I was inspired to write after reading some commentary about the dreaded Vegan Police, of which I’m not a fan. Veganism isn’t about policing; it’s about expanding your thoughts about what you eat, not reigning people in. Veganism isn’t about being exclusionary; it’s about sharing all of your wonderful recipes with people who might not […]

Human Cost of Meat

In September PETA posted an article about how KFC chickens were raised “Free to Roam,” but were really stuffed in cages, KFC had to pull its advertising from its Australian website. When I put this story on our Twitter account, I got some interesting comments with the most interesting was “Fuck animals, what about people.” This got me thinking […]

Giving thanks for the turkeys

I’ve written before about my vegetarian experience, when I first “got it.” I had never liked veal or lamb or pork growing up, and I had unsuccessfully attempted to eliminate meat years earlier. I, like many millions of people, had associated family meals and holidays with various foods. My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving—a […]

Brains, eggs, and love – Summerfest 2011

What do several hundred vegetarians and vegans do for fun every summer? They travel to Johnstown, PA for Vegetarian Summerfest! The conference is sponsored by the North American Vegetarian Society and takes place each July, bringing medical professionals, motivational speakers, and activists of all kinds together for what I heard was going to be a “Love Fest”—and it […]