Vegan Holiday Gifts for Him, 2013 edition

Lists of gift ideas for the holidays are a popular feature everywhere on the internet this time of the year, so we couldn’t be left out 🙂 Here are some suggestions that I like, taken from various sources, including some items previously reviewed here on From A to Vegan. Hopefully this will offer some gift ideas you can give to other guys. All the suggestions are vegan,... Read More

Vegan Holiday Gifts for Him

If you have to buy a gift or stocking stuffer for a vegan friend, boyfriend or husband here is a list of some of my favorites. Some of the links are the same from Vegan Holiday Gifts for Her. I hope this list will help. Or check out the From A to Vegan gifts. Food If he loves food and what vegan doesn’t, you can buy a gift card to his favorite local vegan friendly restaurant... Read More

Vegan Holiday Gifts for Her

I always stress out trying to find the perfect gift and stock stuffers for my wife, Chris, during the holidays. If you are also trying to find a gift for your vegan friend, girlfriend or wife I hope this list will help. Or check out the From A to Vegan gifts. Candy My wife has a sweet tooth, so I know chocolate is always a good purchase. We just ordered Rescue Chocolate Peanut... Read More

Vegan Food Swap – October 2012

A few months ago a saw a post from VeggieGirl about a vegan food swap. You send someone a box of vegan goodies and you receive a box of vegan goodies from someone else. I was intrigued and excited to participate. I love food (can you tell?) and surprises. Pair the two together and I’m one happy girl 🙂 The food swap is organized by Cat from The Verdant Life.  It’s a great... Read More