The Green Gardening Chronicles, Vol. 1, #2

Bleeding heart plant

  Pruned butterfly bush Checked one thing off my list this afternoon—I cut down the butterfly bush in our backyard. My friend and extraordinary gardening resource, Jen, tells me that it’s quite a hardy plant and I can cut it back severely and still keep it healthy. Let’s hope so, because it is now nearly stumpy (okay, not quite, but I cut A LOT off today). The reason... Read More

The Green Gardening Chronicles, Vol. 1, #1

The Green Gardening Chronicles, Vol. 1

March 27, 2011 I start feeling it in February. The itchy eyes and throat–and then the sneezing. Spring—I’m always looking forward to the change from winter; but in this part of the country, you really don’t know what to expect as the seasons turn. Sometimes it gets warm (it was 78 degrees on Jim’s birthday, less than 2 weeks ago), and then just days later, it snows.... Read More