My vegan holiday tradition

Holidays usually come with family traditions. One of my family traditions is baking cookies. I can remember being at my grandmother’s house up in the Poconos and waiting impatiently for a taste of her homemade sugar cookies, rolled out to perfection and molded into shapes with her old, metal cutters. Those were my absolute favorite cookies for many, many years until I started... Read More

Why is that not vegan?

I am a quiet and shy guy, so asking a lot of questions at a restaurant is hard for me. As a vegetarian I could just look at the menu and see that there was no meat in the dish and I was good to go. Now that I have become vegan it has made me ask a lot of questions because chefs, restaurants, and food producers like to throw animal products in their food and even try to hide that... Read More

How do you survive the holidays?

It is that time of year when there are plenty of parties and dinners to attend. At my company holiday party, they made me a special vegan meal of pasta and red sauce and it was really disappointing. There were no appetizers that I could eat and the only thing available at the salad bar was romaine lettuce with some oil and vinegar. They made up for it by offering five different... Read More

ThanksLiving event, Whole Foods Market Devon

On Saturday, October 15th, our Bucks County Vegan Supper Club partnered with Char Nolan and Whole Foods Market Devon for our ThanksLiving event. When we met Char back in August, we had spoken to her about plans we had for our Supper Club. We had wanted to plan a holiday event and wanted to call it ThanksLiving (after the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary event) since it would be animal... Read More

Planning healthy school lunches with your kids

It’s September and kids are going back to school. My daughter came home after her first day of middle school and told me that her cafeteria sells ice pops (and other assorted ice cream; but she was interested in the ice pops). This reminded me of my regular lunch in middle school—ice cream sandwiches. Junk food ruled my life back then. Now’s my chance to make sure that my... Read More