NYC Winter Village, 2015 edition

We spent the November 7th and 8th weekend in New York City, where we got to go to a few different places — this is one of a few posts about this trip, so keep an eye out for them. Every year, Bryant Park organizes what they call their “Winter Village“, a collection of merchant stands of all kinds, plus a big ice skating rink. At least since last year, as it... Read More

Flavor Compatibility

Guest Post by Karen Page flavor:  the distinctive taste of a food or drink compatibility:  a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict An essential aspect of great cooking is harnessing compatible flavors — which involves knowing which herbs, spices, and other flavorings best accentuate particular ingredients. A process of trial... Read More

Free Vegan Books for Kindle

Interested in a free vegan books for your Kindle? Check out our list: The Alkaline Diet Spiced Up!: 50+ Amazing Asian Alkaline (100% Vegan) Recipes for Weight Loss and Wellness My Sweet Vegan: Delicious Vegan Cookie Recipes Veggie Delights Vegan Kids: How To Raise Healthy Vegan Children And Keep Them On The Right Track Best Healthy Vegan Holiday Recipes: Christmas recipes Why... Read More

Storing Tomatoes for the Winter

I know the timing of this post isn’t the best, but, hopefully, it will give you some food for thought for next year and what to do with all those delicious tomatoes. Look at all these lovely tomato varieties I got this year from our market share, produced by one of our many local, organic-on-a-handshake, CSA farms—Barefoot Gardens. This is the advantage of buying from a... Read More

The Dreaded Office Holiday Party

Dreaded Office Holiday Party

Every year I dread our holiday office parties, since I am the only vegan. Our CEO loves to eat steak, so we are forced to always pick a restaurant that serves it. Last year we went to a local hotel and my vegan entrée was pasta with tomatoes on top. There were no appetizers for me to eat because they all had meat or dairy in them. My dessert was excellent—it was five different... Read More

Is that wine vegan?

You would think that wine would be vegan. I mean, it is only fermented grapes right? Unfortunately, this is not the case; wines can contain blood and marrow, casein, shells, egg white albumin, fish oil, gelatin, or isinglass and they do not need to be put the ingredients on the label. These ingredients are used to remove protein, yeast cloudiness, flavors, coloring, and particles... Read More

Sticky Fingers Taking Orders for the Holidays

Sticky Fingers' Counter

If you are ever in Washington, DC you need to stop in Sticky Fingers Bakery. They are now taking holiday orders from December 18th to New Years Day. You can order Lasagna with marinara sauce, spinach, tofu ricotta and Daiya mozzarella; White Bean and Escarole Soup; and a Chocolate Cream Pie for $15.00. In addition, you can order peppermint cookie sandwiches, peppermint brownies,... Read More

Barbecue Tips to Make it Vegan Friendly

How do I host a vegan barbecue? It is that time of year when Americans start breaking out the barbecue grill. If the guests eat meat, then this can be a nightmare for a vegan. If you are hosting a BBQ and a friend or family member is vegan then you can easily make your barbecue party vegan friendly. I used to play volleyball on Sundays and after the games the host would have... Read More

The Chip Factory – Pipersville, PA

This past weekend was the much awaited grand opening of Brad’s Raw Foods Chip Factory. An all raw/vegan business that’s growing and expanding into a health and wellness resource for the community is a really big deal for our little corner of suburban PA. I’ve been buying Brad’s awesome chips (the naked kale is my favorite) since he first started. I couldn’t... Read More

Allergen-free Holiday Tradition

Gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan cookies Last week Chris shared her vegan holiday tradition, so I wanted to share mine too. When Mauro and I bought our house, I thought it would be nice to give our closest neighbors some yummy baked goods for the holidays. Throughout the years we’ve exchanged everything from pies, cakes and bread to chocolate and cookies. And so it became... Read More